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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

The demands of this project have now extended beyond our resources. We're currently seeking the support of a related college or university entity (such as Harvard Business School's Initiative on Social Enterprise) to assist us in bringing our collaberative vision to fruition. Such an association has great potential for mutual benefits and will help expedite the launching of our cause-related efforts. Upon receipt of this assistance, CauseCollection.com will be officially launched to hundreds of college campus communities across North America. We're looking forward to witnessing The Cause Collection serve and fulfill its purpose.

Selected Cause Collection artifacts will appear in an upcoming exhibition at the Tang Teaching Museum & Art Gallery.


Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Today we confirmed our final beneficiary, completing a total of 15 nonprofit organizations participating in The Cause Collection. We're delighted to have Up with People, WorldSmart™ Leadership Program as our Cultural Enrichment beneficiary. After nearly a decade in development, The Cause Collection is now complete!

We're actively developing the potential of CauseCollection.com. As refinements continue to appear on the site, one source considers our efforts quite "interesting and ambitious" while another believes we're actually "building a skyscraper!" So, thank you for your perspectives and patience as we develop our vision to fruition.

News Realeases

Entries will appear when our site is officially launched.

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