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Emote or Impart

Certainly, successful communication involves both transmission and reception.

Having expressed a vision with a mission and a mission with a message within The Art of Cultural Renewal, Cause & Effect, and our Culture Shop, we greatly appreciate receiving your transmissions concerning the experience.

Also, having experienced The Will of A Fool, what is the will and who is a fool?

Please express your thoughts, feelings, and opinions below . . .

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Evaluate & Assess

Kindly give us some feedback on our efforts.

Please evaluate's impact upon you in terms of the following:

On a scale from 1-5 (1 being the minimum - 5 being the maximum)

an entertaining contribution to culture
an interdisciplinary educational experience
a working example of creativity serving the renewal of culture
a demonstration of self-awareness and social responsibility
an instructive model of diversity
a lesson in building self-esteem
a promotion of voluntary public service
a cause-related venture benefiting campus communities
a fund-raising enterprise promoting simultaneous reciprocity
a feasible approach to
re-establishment a message of hope
a timely vision a fulfillment of your expectations

How did you become aware of

fellow student professor Dean of student activities campus sponsor

campus newspaper surfing the net direct mailing Other

Approximately how many times have you visited our site?

only once 2-5 times 5-10 times 10-20 times more than 20 daily

Approximately how much time have you spent visiting our site?

less than 5 minutes, 5-15 minutes, 15-30 minutes, 30-45 minutes,

45-60 minutes, 1-2 hours, 2-3 hours, 3-4 hours,

4-5 hours, 5-10 hours, more than 10 hours

What portals did you visit?

The Art of Cultural Renewal Cause Collection Interlinks Cause & Effect

Culture Shop Creativity for a Cause Causation E-Update

Wish List Exhibit Information About Us P.S.

What did you like most?

Background Information (if you want your expressions posted on our site):

What's your name?
What's your current academic level, title, and/or position?
What's the name of your group or association?
What's the name of your educational institution?
What city are you from?
What state are you from?
What country are you from (if not the U.S.A.)?

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Share the Vision!

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Message Board

Here, you can capitalize on the interactivity of our site to post messages, voice opinions, share ideas, and/or initiate a discussion about a particular interest.

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Expressed Thoughts, Feelings & Opinions:

"This exhibits has social, educational, and fundraising benefits, illustrating to students the importance of self-awareness and social responsibility. (Itís) an excellent presentation." University of Rochester Community Service Network adviser

"(It). . . inspires personal development, community spirit, and social change while providing good ideas and tools to help students and their organizations raise money for themselves." Skidmore College administrator

"(Itís) a wonderful presentation. Our students found it extremely interesting. For some it was also moving as well as being thought-provoking." Wheeler School administrator

"Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful perspectives with us. The show is fabulous, and your 'spirit is the source.'Ē Moses Brown School Headmistress

"Within its paintings, music, and sculptures are questions (and possibly answers) that help us cope with our complex culture." Hobart & William Smith Colleges student

"Very meaningful and relevant to me, and Iíve taken a lot from this!!!" Skidmore College student

"(Itís a) terrific display of artwork. The singing was beautiful, and the stories behind all the works were very interesting. I loved the presentation!" Lincoln School student

"This exhibit is a mirror, a wonderful mirror!" Japanese exchange student

"From its Ďart of cultural renewalí, one learns the secrets of the dollar bill, the mysteries of sacred symbols, and the treasures of inner wisdom." New York University ajunct professor

"It is refreshing to see that someone still cares about the world we all live in. Words cannot express what Pino has managed to express through his artwork." Connie, Penn Yan, NY

"(Itís) a renewal of culture by reaching for the roots of culture. I see (in the work) a kind of forced naivetť. I see an adult struggling to look at the world as a child does. Itís an admirable struggle." E.D. Taylor, Canada

"Its shocking yet humorous painting involving JFK & Marilyn Monroe is so politically potent and visually fascinating." Artspeak, New York, NY

"(Itís). . . using art as a means of public communication and social change." George Stephanopoulos, as Senior Advisor to the President for Policy and Strategy, The White House

"I urge all people who read PETA information, to realize that it is not all accurate. Educate yourselves and donít consider PETA an Authority on the issue. Remember to question, and find the truth for yourself. Use common sense." Beki, Auburn, AL

"We came. We saw. We were enlightened! The Cause Collection is a multi-dimensional phenomenon and a great work for Humanity!" Lappe' & Kevin Moseley-Wall, Naples, NY

"I read your website and found it fascinating. It's obvious you've been doing a lot of thinking and reflecting over the years. What I liked is that your writing doesn't seem to be political. I like the objectivity. Why isn't there more of that in the world? I liked the questions you pose. Yes, I like to think, too!! And Rose's poems are beautiful. I am sure she was an incredible person. Your website has inspired me . . ." Kaltheen Lash, Roquevaire, France

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