The Cause Collectionô

The Art of Cultural Renewal

"One who reflects on anotherís insight
will come easily by what they labored hard for." Socrates


showcases selected Cause Collection artifacts in a virtual gallery tour.


initiates the intended flow of consciousness within the complete collection.

Tour Guide's Tales

offers insight on the complete collection of creative works and the united states of consciousness:

Introduction Right on the Money! Initiation by Quotation Responses to Violence Meet the Artist How Green Is Our Time? The Key National Interest Saving Grace Prosperity Forgive Them! How Now? Global Warming Master Peace New Glory A New Age Language Art A Conscious Effort Wisdom of Harmony Decent Exposure Face of Freedom Insite Yesterday's News Thinker's Vision Commonwealth

reflects the entire collection of accompanying Bein' Spiritual lyrics.

You can also listen to some of these 'listener friendly' selections,
and you may even hear them here as well.


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